'Prelude to Tyranny' CD/LP
Now Available!



05-15-15 - Starting Tuesday, May 19th, the pre-orders for the SONIC POISON debut 7" will be launched at 11:00AM (Central Time Zone)! This release will be available in 2 vinyl colors: Blood Red (limited to 100 copies) and Gold/Black mix (limited to 400 copies). Each order submitted during the pre-order period will automatically give you a chance to win a test press!! Winner will be drawn at random when the pre-order period ends.

As always thank you for your support!


02-25-15 - LifeLine Records is proud to announce SONIC POISON to the LifeLine family!! Fast, hard, and un-compromising hardcore punk from New York featuring Ron of Deathcycle on vox, Anthony Corallo of Sheer Terror, Concrete Cross and Disnihil on drums, Tom Clavin of Concrete Cross and Disnihil on bass, and Rick "Dick" Lopez bassist of The Casualities playing guitar. No gimmicks, no bullshit! 7" featuring art by Chad Lawson.

The first song "Will it Ever End?" is available here:

This record will be released in April. More information will be available soon on the official release date, as well as when pre-orders will begin.

Check out Sonic Poison's Facebook page, which can be found right here

Thank you for the support and check back soon for more updates on Sonic Poison!


10-27-14 - 7 Seconds is now on tour in the United States!

Modern Life is War returns to Europe in April 2015! Tickets for their shows are on sale now! Highly recommend you purchase your tickets right away, London is already sold out!

Tickets for the Modern Life is War European tour can be purchased at

We have some new releases currently being worked on, stay tuned. In the next few weeks more records will be added in our USED section. For the most up to date info on our webstore updates follow us on Instagram, user name: LifeLineRecords


07-23-14 - 7 Seconds U.S. tour starts today!! It has been 9 years since 7 Seconds released their previous album and toured! If you haven't already bought a copy of their new album "Leave A Light On", we highly recommend you buy it as soon as possible!

On this tour, 7 Seconds will be selling a limited 'Summer Tour' pressing of first 3 E.P.'s that LifeLine put back into print this past September. "Skins, Brains & Guts," "Committed For Life," and "Blasts From the Past" have all been pressed on blood red vinyl limited to a 100 copies each with a hand stamped dust sleeve. The tour editions will ONLY be sold by 7 Seconds!

Modern Life Is War is playing two more shows out East this August on Labor Day Weekend!!

Friday, August 29th in Philadelphia, PA with Self Defense Family, Give, and The Land of Blood and Sunshine at the First Unitarian Church. Tickets for the Philly show are available here.

Saturday, August 30th in New York City with Nothing, Give, and The Land of Blood and Sunshine at the Bowery Ballroom. Tickets for the NY show are available here.

As always, thank you for your support!


03-24-14 - We are excited to have two records going up for pre-order tomorrow, March 25th, at Noon CST in our Webstore!

First off is a brand new release: a split 7" featuring Sweet Cobra and Get Rad! This record has been in the works for a long time, paying tribute to Mat Arluck (the late guitarist of Sweet Cobra). Features 3 songs from Sweet Cobra and 2 songs from Get Rad, and artwork created by Chicago gore artist Matt Putrid, with layout by Ryan Patterson/Auxiliary Design. This split 7" was set up by Mat Arluck before he passed, and was meant to be a collaboration of friends working together on one great release. That being said this record is being released by LifeLine Records, Underground Communique, and Hawthorne Street Records. The pressing info is 440 on CLEAR, 265 on RED and 165 on BLUE!

Second record going up for pre-order tomorrow is the long awaited repress of Modern Life Is War's 'Midnight in America' LP. This time we pressed 1,000 copies; the record is now a single jacket, lyric insert and includes a poster insert as well! 300 of the records are on GOLD vinyl that is an exclusive color that will only be sold by Equal Vision Records. 500 copies on transparent Blue vinyl and 225 copies on SEAFOAM GREEN that will only be sold by LifeLine and Modern Life is War.

Again, both records go up for pre-order tomorrow March 25th at Noon CST! Both records will start to ship the week April 7th.

As always, thank you for your continued support!!

Forever Matthew Allen Arluck


01-16-14 - Thank you for the support of LifeLine Records in 2013! It was a great year with highlights that included re-issuing the first three 7 Seconds E.P.'s, Modern Life Is War getting back together, Kill Your Idols playing a handful of shows, being able to host the LifeLine Records Showcase in Chicago, which gave us the chance to finally see Holy Fever live!

That being said, here are Joey and I's top 10 releases of 2013, as well as some LifeLine Records news for 2014!

LifeLine Records top 10 releases of 2013:

Modern Life Is War "Fever Hunting" LP (Deathwish Inc.)
Iron Chic "The Constant One" LP (Bridge 9)
Radioactivity "s/t" LP (Dirtnap Records)
Queens Of The Stone Age "...Like Clockwork" LP (Matador)
Proxy "Something We've All Seen Before" LP (Inflammable Material)
Windhand "Soma" LP (Relapse)
Criminal Damage "Call Of Death" LP (Feral Ward)
Red Dons "Notes On The Underground" 7" (Grave Mistake)
Bad Religion "True North" LP (Epitaph)
Night Birds "Born To Die In Suburbia" LP (Grave Mistake)

Autistic Youth "Nonage" LP (Dirtnap Records)
Big Eyes "Almost Famous" LP (Grave Mistake Records)
Cloud Rat "Mouska" (IFB Records)
Sucked Dry "Dog Days" (Not Normal/Muckraker Records)
Radioactivity "s/t" (Dirtnap Records)
Lumpy and the Dumpers "Sex Pit" 7" (Muckraker Records)
Big Zit "Demo" CS (Self Released)
The Valenteens "Emma Lee" CS (Self Released)
The Love Triangle "Clever Clever" LP (Sorry State/Static Shock Records)
Angry Gods "Greyed Delay//The Swell" 7" (Nervous Habit Records)

A new pressing of Modern Life Is War's 'Midnight In America' LP is currently at the pressing plant! We are doing 1,000 copies to get this record back in print. There will be some modifications to the layout from pervious pressings, and 2 new vinyl colors as well! There will be a limited mail order edition and Equal Vision Records will be getting their own exclusive color as well. More details to come!

Thank you for the support and look out for more news and releases in 2014!



Thank you to everyone that made it out the LifeLine Records Showcases on October 5th!! It was great to host these shows and bring all of these bands to Chicago! Thank you everyone for your support.

We mentioned that there would be be some exclusive records, specially made for these shows. We do have some of the limited records available now in our webstore:

- Modern Life Is War/Kill Your Idols 'Live on WLUW' split 7" on red vinyl with silkscreened cover, limited to 150 copies
- Holy Fever 'Both E.P.'s' Collection, both E.P.'s with limited silkscreenedcover, limited to 40 copies
- Boiling Over 'Barriers' 7" now on gold vinyl with red ink silkscreened cover, limited to 69 copies

Thank you to everyone has ordered the 7 Seconds 'First 3 E.P.'s' Box Set! They ended up taking a lot longer to assemble than we had originally thought, but they are now finally shipping!! Most of them have shipped out as of last week and the remaining orders are shipping right now. Thank you for your patience, we think the boxes turned out great so we hope you feel it is worth the wait. The 7 Seconds box set is limited to 150 copies! They are still available in our webstore, but there are not many left.

Thanks for checking in. We should have some more updates towards the end of the month.


09-23-13 - With the LifeLine Records Showcase just 2 weeks away we are moving the all ages day show into the city of Chicago! The all ages show will still be at 5:00 PM, but will no longer be at Knights of Columbus, the show will now be held at ChiTown Futbol located at 2255/2343 S. Throop Chicago, IL 60608. Parking lot is located at the South end of the building.

This will make the distance from the all ages show to the late show only 4 miles apart!

Please help spread the word, the all ages LifeLine Records Showcase, Saturday October 5th at 5:00 PM has moved from Knights of Columbus to ChiTown Futbol. Tickets are still available through the Webstore.

If you have any questions/concerns about the change of venue please email

Thank you for your support, we will have a number of limited records for sale available at the LifeLine Records Showcases (the late show at Cobra Lounge is sold out.) Thank you!


09-09-13 - Thank you to everyone that purchased tickets to either (or both) of the LifeLine Records Showcases! The late show has been sold out, but there are still tickets to the all ages show with Modern Life Is War, Kill Your Idols, Holy Fever, Boiling Over and Spine.

For the vinyl collectors, there will be some exclusive limited records being made just for the LifeLine Showcase shows, so follow LifeLine Records on Instagram and you just might get a preview of what we have in the works as they develop... And if you haven't purchased a ticket for the all ages LifeLine Records Showcase, tickets are still available through our Webstore.

Another big thank you to everyone that pre-ordered the first three 7 Seconds E.P.s! The 7 Seconds E.P.s release date has been changed to Tuesday, September 24th and will be available for stores and distributors from Cobraside. If you pre-ordered limited 'box set' version, they will begin shipping later this month, as we are still waiting on the embroidered patches to arrive.

Last but not least, we still have 2 more 7" records in the pressing plant and a repress of Modern Life Is War 'Midnight In America' LP coming soon.

Thank you for your continued support!


08-15-13 - Due to a scheduling error on my part, the start date/time for the pre-orders of the 7 Seconds records will have to be rescheduled. They will be available for pre-orders starting Monday, August 19th at noon Central time. Thank you for your patience.


07-29-13 - We are happy to announce the first official LifeLine Records Showcase! Featuring Modern Life Is War, Kill Your Idols, Holy Fever, Boiling Over and with friends Spine and Harm's Way. There will be one all ages show and a 21+ plus late show.

This is Modern Life Is War's first time back in Chicago in 5 years and Kill Your Idols first time back in 10 years!! This will be both Kill Your Idols and Holy Fever's only Midwest show with Boiling Over reuniting for the showcase.

Both Modern Life Is War and Kill Your Idols will be playing both shows, but will be performing a different set for each show.

If you were not aware both Spine and Harm's Way have a close ties to LifeLine Records. Spine featuring Antonio, the vocalist of Sorry Excuse (R.I.P.) and Harm's Way featuring Chris and Bo that played in Double Crossed.

The LifeLine Showcase and late show will be held on Saturday, October 5th 2013.

Tickets for both shows will go on sale Friday, August 2nd at Noon (central time). Tickets for the all ages show will be available through the LifeLine Records Webstore and the late show tickets will be available at

Modern Life Is War will be playing a handful of shows this year to coincide with the release of their new full length 'Fever Hunting' being released on Deathwish Inc. September 3rd.



We are proud to announce our next 3 new releases! On September 10th LifeLine Records will be releasing the first three 7 Seconds EP's: 'Skins, Brains & Guts', 'Committed For Life' and 'Blasts From the Past'. Each record will be released its original 7" format.

All three of these 7"s have been out of print for many years and has been bootleggged over the years as well. Now the records are being properly re-issued.

Each release will pay tribute to the original first pressing of each record, using the original art and include the original insert that later pressings had lost. As a bonus, each record will include a retrospective of each release written by Kevin Seconds. There will be limited color vinyl available for pre-orders starting August 15th!

Check back soon, we will be announcing the LifeLine Records Showcase, more details on the Too Many Voices E.P. and a new split 7" we have in the works as well.

See you at This Is Hardcore featuring Kill Your Idols, Modern Life Is War, 7 Seconds and The Suicide File!

Thank you for your support!



By now the internet is buzzing and it is true, Modern Life Is War is back together! Modern Life Is War will be releasing a new full length album later this year on Deathwish Inc and playing their first show back at This is Hardcore and later this year with a record release show in Iowa!

Speaking of This is Hardcore, our friends the Suicide File will be playing their only show this year at This is Hardcore Fest as well!

April 12th and 13th LifeLine Records will have a table set up at Damaged City Fest in D.C. We will have LifeLine Releases as well as a large selection of used records as well, hope to see you there!

Last but not least the Too Many Voices 7" is still in the works, we know it has been a long time coming but it is coming along. There will be in update soon in regards to the Too Many Voices 7".

Thank you for the support and we hope to see you in D.C.!


02-07-13 - After Sorry Excuse had released "Listen to Prejudice" EP on Third Party Records they had become a Midwest power house spreading the Midwest Wolfpack. In 2011 LifeLine released their "self-titled" EP. Joey knew the band well and I had always enjoyed seeing them live. From putting together this release I have gained some dear friends, without further adieu we regret to inform you that 2013 will be Sorry Excuse's last year as a band.

The following was posted by Antonio/Sorry Excuse:

"It's with a heavy heart to say that Sorry Excuse with cease from being a band after 2013. We will be recording for an LP in the next month or two and have it out soon. In the meantime we will be playing more local shows then in the Fall/Winter play one last show in KC and hopefully one in Chicago. Thanks to all, for real. We always been appreciative from any love and support. With that said, the mask and gloves need to make a comeback...."

We will be posting the final shows that will occur this year to help ensure you get to see them one more time.


01-29-13 - The United States postal rates have raised once again. With that our store will temporarily be down until Wednesday, January 30th by 5:00 PM central time. We want to do our best to have low shipping rates like we always have had in the past. This has always been important to us and we will do our best to keep the rates as low and affordable as possible.

Thank you for your support!

If you live in the areas below you should go see Broken Prayer on tour and say hi to Joey!

Tue. 1/29 - Philly, PA w/ Bad Side, Xanax @ Golden Tea House
Wed. 1/30 - Washington DC w/ True Head, Thick Skin, Vile Faith @ the Rocketship
Thu. 1/31 - Raleigh, NC @ Slim's
Fri. 2/1 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
Sat. 2/2 - Cincinnati, OH w/ Abduction, Crushed Velvet
Sun. 2/3 - Indianapolis, IN w/ Side FX and Negative Vibes

12-30-12 - First and foremost we hope everyone had a great holiday! Thank you to everyone that ordered a Kill Your Idols soccer scarf. They have started shipping and we are still working on getting all of them in the mail; thank you for your patience.

In other news, Walter Schreifels will be playing an acoustic set at the record fair on January 5th in Chicago that we hosting. This will be the first time Walter has performed on his own in Chicago and we are very excited to have him.

After the record fair we will be adding a lot of new and used records to the webstore! Keep an eye on for that as well as more LifeLine releases with the new year.

Be safe and have a happy new year!



Now up in the webstore for pre-order is the Kill Your Idols knitted double sided scarf! The scarf is black and white with Kill Your Idols on one side with KYI skulls and the other side stating New York Hardcore with the KYI scarf. The scarf if a very limited run of 75! Act fast, we don't expect these to last long.

Please remember that we will be constantly adding new and used records to webstore. We still have another 60+ records to add.

Thank you for the support!



LifeLine Records Presents: The Cibola Record Fair

Saturday, January 5th (Same weekend as the Rev25 in Chicago)
1647 South Blue Island Ave, Chicago, IL 60608
Admission is only $2.00

Punk, hardcore and pop-punk records being sold by local record labels, record stores and collectors.

Readings at Noon by:
-Vique Martin of "Simba" zine.
-Eric Weiss of "Rumpshaker" fanzine.

Questions or record vendor inquiries please email

About the Venue:
Cíbola is an inclusive Entrepreneurship and Technology Incubator in Pilsen supporting and multiplying the numbers of underrepresented minorities (African-Americans, Latinos, Women, LGBTQ, etc) and furthering community economic development within the Pilsen community. We offer classes, workshops, office and co-working space.


11-29-12 - We are happy to announce the launch of our new webstore! The new LifeLine Records webstore now features a USED record section as well as a VAULT section for out of print and rare LifeLine releases. The used section will have more records added to it quite frequently. For constant updates on the used section we recommend you add us on Facebook or now you can follow us on Instagram as well if you search LifeLine Records.

The Too Many Voices 7" is moving along and will be out early 2013. More updates will be coming soon on Too Many Voices, Holy Fever, and announcements of new releases.

In the mean time we repressing more copies of Modern Life Is War "My Love. My Way" and "Witness." Don't worry collectors, there are no new colors of these records. But you might want to check out the Vault section of the webstore if you are looking for some rare MLIW releases.

Thank you for your support!


08-23-12 - LifeLine Records is proud to be a distributor for the Rumpshaker Fanzine Issue #6. Eric is a dear friend of ours and we are as excited on this issue as if it was a release on our own label. 146 pages without any ads!! Available in our webstore now, if you like to purchase them wholesale please email

Interviews with:
- Mike Judge
- Ceremony
- Tim Barry
- A Doctor (Dr. Michael Greger) and a Cro-Mag (John Joseph) on Veganism
- Limp Wrist
- Fucked Up
- Chris Wrenn/Bridge Nine Records
- Punch
- Shirts For A Cure
- Sick of it All

Doing It For The Kids Interviews:
- Walter Schreifels and his mother
- Chuck D and his mother
- Dan Yemin and his mother

And much more!

We plan to have an announcement very soon on the Too Many Voices 7"s. It has been a very slow moving process are we hoping to have it out the record in plant as soon as the layout is complete. Check back soon for an update, by September 10th we will have an update on new releases with LifeLine Records.

As always, thank you for your support!



Thank you once again to Revelation Distribution and Reckless Records for working with us on this past Record Store Day to help release the Holy Fever “Ghost Story b/w There is a Light” 7”. Thank you to all the stores that purchased this release, and of course those of you that went on the record hunt for one! Reckless Records put some of the remaining copies on red vinyl out of an exclusive verion (limited to 100 copies) on their site for mail order, so we suggest you move fast! Get it here.

Next we will have the tan vinyl version of this record available to order for those who were not able to pick up this record on Record Store Day. The tan vinyl is limited to only 150 copies! LifeLine Records will have 75 copies available online Tuesday, May 1st. The remaining copies of the tan vinyl will be available directly from the band.

Next up we are happy to announce a new addition to the LifeLine roster: Too Many Voices!

LifeLine Records is teaming up with Underground Communique Records to co-release New York’s Too Many Voices 2011 demo as a 7”.

The band formed in 2010 by Andrew West (Kill Your Idols) and Eric Svirida (The Last Crime) patiently assembled the full line up by early 2011; adding Ivan Gonzalez (25 ta Life) on second guitar, Scott Winegard (Texas Is the Reason/Fountainhead/I Hate Our Freedom) on bass, and Chris Daly (Texas Is the Reason/108/Jets To Brazil) on drums. TMV recorded and released a 4 song demo in the summer of 2011.

This 7” will be released this summer. Check back for updates as we get working on the layout and come closer to setting a release date. In the meantime you can check out Too Many Voices on their Bandcamp page and on their Facebook page.

Thank you for your continuing support, and remember to check back on Tuesday, May 1st!!



The Holy Fever “Ghost Story b/w There is a Light” 7” has been arriving in stores recently gearing up for Record Store Day this Saturday, April 21st. Below are stores that ordered the record from Revelation Distribution, please keep in mind we cannot guarantee that each store will have them, but they should have them available. More stores will be carrying this record, so please do not be discouraged if you do not see your local store listed below. For information how you might be able to find one on Record Store Day, please check the LifeLine Records Facebook page for more updates.

Here are stores to find the Holy Fever “Ghost Story b/w There is a Light” 7”:

*Reckless Records, Chicago, IL
Anthems of the Undesirable, Norfolk, VA
Banquet Records, Surrey, UK
Celebrated Summer, Baltimore, MD
Core Tex, Berlin
Deathwish Inc., Boston, MA
Deadbeat Records, Idaho
Dimple Records, Sacramento, CA
Excalibur Vinyl, Decatur, AL
Generation Records, NYC
Ignite Records, Birmingham, UK
Independent Records and Video, Denver, CO
Newbury Comics
Raunch Records, Salt Lake City, UT
Red Brontosaurus, San Diego, CA (UCSD Campus)
Resist Records, Australia
Vinyl Solution, Huntington Beach, CA

*Reckless Records will have their own special version on red vinyl with a hand-stamped dust sleeve. All other stores will have a different limited version on clear with black smoke vinyl. The red vinyl and clear w/ black smoke vinyl will not be availabe from LifeLine Records.

Thank you to all the stores carrying this record and special thanks to Reckless Records and Revelation Distribution for making this all possible!! Thank you for your support! More updates coming soon next week on this release! For immediate updates remember to check our Facebook page.


04-03-12 - Holy Fever and LifeLine Records team up again to release a new 7” for Record Store Day on April 21, 2012!

Holy Fever continue to carve out a sound of their own with a new two song vinyl-only release for Record Store Day, featuring the songs “Ghost Story” and “There is a Light.” Comprised of members from beloved hardcore punk bands Suicide File, Give up the Ghost (American Nightmare), The Explosion and The Hope Conspiracy, Holy Fever turned heads with their debut release on LifeLine Records in early 2012.

“Ghost Story b/w There is a Light" builds on the Holy Fever precedent, delivering aggressive punk anthems that are far from typical, including a country-style duet in “There is a Light” and haunting group hooks in “Ghost Story” that leave you feeling somewhere between a bonfire and a city riot. Artwork and design by Ryan Patterson of Coliseum/Auxiliary Design.

For Record Store Day, Revelation Records will be exclusively distributing to independent record stores worldwide a limited version of this record (clear with black smoke vinyl), limited to only 250 copies! This will only be available at participating record stores!! For those of you that live in Chicago, all three Reckless Records will also have their very own version of this 7” for sale on red vinyl with a hand stamped dust sleeve! If you would like ensure that your local record store has this record, please email me at and we will get in touch with the store directly in hopes of them carrying this release!

Thank you for supporting independent record stores and labels. For more updates please “like” us on Facebook at


01-05-12 - Thank you to everyone that has purchased the Holy Fever 7”! The records are currently shipping at this very moment. Just wanted to let everyone know the orange vinyl came out as more of a pink/orange, we are going to call it “salmon” color from now on. If you ordered orange, you will receive the salmon colored vinyl out of a 150 copies. The band also sent us some of the pre-version copies sold over the summer as well! Only a 150 copies of the pre-version where made with a silk-screened cover, black vinyl, plain labels with a small hole instead of the large 45 rpm hole. They are now exclusively being sold in our Web Store.

Two new interviews with members of Holy Fever are online as well, one with Neeraj Kane (guitarist) at AMP Magazine and another interview with Dave Weinberg (vocals) at Some Will Never Know.

Thank you for the support and you should be recieving pre-orders soon, if you haven't already!


12-04-11 - A quick reminder that the Holy Fever “self-titled” 7” pre-orders will begin Monday, December 5th at 5:00 AM (Central Standard Time)! There will be 150 copies on Orange vinyl and 350 copies on Blue, Black and White swirl vinyl and each 7” will include a digital download code. If you still have not heard Holy Fever, we have the first song from the EP streaming in our Media section.

As always, thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy this EP as much as we do!



Holy Fever:
Longtime friends and members of some of the most beloved hardcore punk bands of the 2000’s, rock and roll up-and-comers HOLY FEVER are no strangers to the music world. The band features a bi-coastal lineup, including Suicide File frontman Dave Weinberg (lead vocals), Malbec's Samantha Barbera (bass and vocals), Give Up The Ghost's [American Nightmare] Brian Masek (guitar), Neeraj Kane (guitar) of Hope Conspiracy and Suicide File, and The Explosion's Andrew Black (drums). HOLY FEVER are excited to announce their new EP, available from LifeLine Records on January 3rd, and first shows as a band this coming weekend.

HOLY FEVER's self-titled EP features three songs that hark back to the 60's rock and roll movement, alongside sweeping harmonies and duetting female vocals that juxtapose the frontman’s gritty voice and politically infused lyrics. "Rat's Feet Over Broken Glass", the first track on the EP, gives you all the vitality you love about punk with an unapologetic pop sensibility. Check out the track streaming now at "The Lincoln Brigade" and "All That's Best of Dark and Bright" are also on the Holy Fever EP, and cement the band's delivery of a sound that is pissed and unmistakably punk, while remaining catchy.

The Holy Fever EP will officially be available on January 3rd, but the pre-orders will launch on December 5th. The first pressing will be 500 7"s, with 150 on solid orange vinyl and the remaining 350 on blue, black and white swirl vinyl. Each 7" will include a digital download as well.

More information on Holy Fever will surface soon, but in the meantime check them out online at and on tour this weekend in California.

Holy Fever Tour:
12/3 - Berkeley, CA @ Gilman w/ Skin Like Iron, Sabertooth Zombie
12/4 - Long Beach, CA @ Que Serah w/ NASA Space Universe, Crushed On You, Scream Queen

Thank you for continuing support! We already have 4 more great releases lined up for 2012 so far, and will be posting more information soon!


07-27-11 - We have some Holy Fever 7"s left over this past weekend. The 7" was being sold with Suicide File this past weekend at Che Cafe and Sound & Fury.

I cannot even begin to say how stoked I am to be doing this release. This is a temporary silk screened cover, plain white labels out of a 150. The record does include an insert with lyrics along with a contest to win a test press. To order please visit our Webstore.


07-19-11 - It has been a while since our last update and we have a lot going on here at LifeLine Records!

All of the Modern Life Is War LP pre-orders have shipped!!! We thank you for your patience and apologize for the long delay! The "Witness" repress turned into a disaster, but in the end the records arrived safely. If you have not received your order just yet, it is in the mail on it's way. Thank you for your support and understanding!

LifeLine Records would like to welcome Holy Fever to the LifeLine roster! Holy Fever recently recorded a 3 song 7" we will be releasing this summer. A brand new band with the members hailing from Los Angeles and Boston. The band has 2 songs streaming right now for you to check out on the Holy Fever Facebook page. For those of you attending Sound & Fury, stop by The Suicide File merch table, we will have a pre-version of this release available out of 150.

Speaking of Sound & Fury, on Saturday Not Sorry will be playing mid-day and The Suicide File will be headlining. Earlier on Saturday Joey's band Noose from Chicago will be playing as well.

Check back soon for more announcements on Holy Fever and we have another release to announce very soon as well.


06-07-11 - Sorry Excuse tour and Modern Life Is War LP pre-order updates:

Sorry Excuse are about to hit the road next week for a week long Midwest and East Coast tour. If you live in the area of their shows, please help spread the word, and hopefully catch them while they are on tour!

Sorry Excuse Summer Tour with Kicked In:

6/14 - Chicago, IL @ The Albion House w/ Poison Planet, Full On
6/15 - Inkster, MI @ Highfive Hideout w/ Face Reality, Right Stuff
6/16 - Philadelphia, PA
6/17 - Boston/Allsont, MA @ The Bitch Pit w/ The Rival Mob, Street Sweeper, Coke Fiend, Good Times
6/18 - Brooklyn, NY @ Stolen Sleeves
6/19 - Salem, VA @ 629 Yorkshire Street (house show)
6/20 - Lousiville, KY @ The Chestnut w/ Overrule, Written Off (record release), Vices

Modern Life Is War “My Love. My Way” and “Witness” pre-orders:

Thank you everyone for your patience. Originally, we were supposed to have everything here by the end of May according to the pressing plant. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a mix up at the pressing plant that caused a delay. Currently we have the covers and vinyl for “My Love. My Way”, and the covers and inserts for “Witness”. We are waiting on the “My Love. My Way” inserts and “Witness” vinyl! The good news is the two items we are waiting on have now been shipped, so we will have them shortly. We will post another brief update soon as the records are packed up and we start to ship out the pre-orders. Thank you for your patience and support!!


05-12-11 - Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered the Modern Life Is War LP's! Just to give a quick update, the clear copies are now sold out! Both LP's are getting ready to ship from the pressing plant in the next couple of days, there was a litttle hang up with 'Witness' but nothing major. We are now just waiting on the printed materials for the release. The records will be shipping out the first week of June! Thank you for patience and your support. Once these records begin to ship, we will start announcing more information about the releases we have planned for this year!



We are happy to announce Not Sorry has been added to Sound & Fury lineup this year as well! That makes two bands that will be playing the festival this year that have released records with LifeLine Records! For more updates and tickets for the fest please visit their website:

Update on the Modern Life Is War represses coming soon! Thanks to everyone that has pre-ordered them already!



The Modern Life Is War ‘My Love. My Way’ LP and ‘Witness’ LP pre-orders have been launched in the Webstore! I apologize for it being a few days late, but they are now up! Just a reminder there are only 150 copies of both LP’s on CLEAR vinyl, and they can only be purchased together. ‘My Love. My Way’ is also being repressed on RED vinyl and ‘Witness’ is being repressed on PURPLE vinyl.

Modern Life Is War also has a Facebook page that has been recently being updated as well! To check it out, click here.

In other news: Our friends Neeraj, Jarrod, Sam and Dave have a new band named Holy Fever! They just launched a website with one song, so far, at Take a minute to check it out and, if you have the time, leave us some feedback on the LifeLine Records Facebook page and let us know what you think.



It’s been a few months since our last update, but we have a lot of things in the works!! The Sorry Excuse “s/t” 7” is out and selling well in our Store page, and thanks to everyone that has ordered this release! For those interested we still have about 35 copies of the limited BROWN vinyl available. Also, if you are a record reviewer, please get in touch at with your shipping info and where your reviews are posted or printed and we will be happy to get a copy of the Sorry Excuse 7” out to you right away!

In other news, The Suicide File are playing Sound and Fury this summer!! For more information on the bands and dates please check out: This is their only show planned for this summer!

Last but not least, Modern Life Is War “My Love. My Way” LP and “Witness” LP are back at the pressing plants! With both LP’s being repressed at the same time there will limited versions (150 copies) of both LP’s on CLEAR vinyl that will be available for pre-order. Pre-orders will be launched on April 21st. The rest of the “Witness” LP’s will be continued to be pressed on purple vinyl as it has been for the past few years and there will be 650 copies of “My Love. My Way” available on red vinyl.

As always, thank you for your support and check back real soon for more updates!


12-13-10  - We are happy to announce the Sorry Excuse pre-orders are now available in the webstore! There are 160 on BROWN vinyl and 350 on RED vinyl as well as a brand new long sleeve t-shirt. For a limited time you can purchase the Sorry Excuse long sleeve with the 7" at a discount price!

While the pre-orders are up, the entire A-side of the Sorry Excuse "s/t" 7" will be available for you to listen to, so head over to our Media section.

Also available is the second pressing of Not Sorry "Moving On" 7" on CLEAR vinyl, out of 400. Very soon we will have a shirt for Not Sorry available as well!



11-11-10  - It has been a few months since the last update, to say the least! We apologize for such a long delay in updates but we now have a lot to announce!!!

First off we would like to welcome Joey Kappel to LifeLine Records! Joey has been helping out with LifeLine for some time, so it's only natural to have him become a partner in running the record label. Joey and I met while he was setting up shows at Illinois State University and playing bass in Boiling Over. Joey is currently playing bass in the bands Noose and Boilerman!

Next, we would like announce that Sorry Excuse is a part of LifeLine Records.

“The band known as Sorry Excuse was formed in late summer of 2008 in Kansas City, Missouri. Fueled by coffee grounds and a 12 hour conversation about the world's problems, original members Antonio Marquez (singer) and guitarist Jesse Street (We're Fucked, No Class) teamed up with drummer Daniel Schnetzler (We're Fucked) and bassist Taylor Paredes (Resolve, Kicked In) to create a hardcore punk band with a straight edge twist. It wasn't long till they recorded their first 4-song demo in late November followed by a quick release at their first show the very next month. The band was received extremely well amongst Midwest hardcore fans. With this kind of promise the band found themselves playing many out of town shows with fellow Wolfpack bands and hitting up Kansas City's brother scene in Chicago. By the end of 2009 they had recorded their first 7 inch 'Listen with Prejudice', which was released on Third Party Records in September 2010. A 6-day tour throughout the Midwest and the East followed the release of their 7inch. With so much early success the band readily pumped out 6 new songs for their self titled 7 inch which will release on Lifeline Records in late 2010. Sorry Excuse has plans to hit the road in early 2011.”

If you would like to hear a few songs off of “Listen with Prejudice” you can check them out on their Myspace page here.

The Sorry Excuse “s/t” 7” is being pressed at the plant this very moment! As soon as we have the test presses approved we will launch the pre-orders, along with a brand-new long sleeve shirt design. The first pressing will be 500 records, 150 on transparent brown and 350 on transparent red. Sorry Excuse plans to do a weekend of shows mid-December, and then tour in early 2011. Check back soon as we will have another update when the pre-orders are up in the web store.

Not Sorry will have a few upcoming shows starting this Friday in California and one stop in Portland! The Not Sorry “Moving On” 7” is repressed on clear vinyl. The pre-orders for the 2nd press of this 7”, along with a new t-shirt, will be available when the pre-order for the Sorry Excuse “s/t” 7” launches!

Currently you can pre-order the new Not Sorry “Our Choices” 7” with 5 brand new songs from our friends at React! Records and we highly recommend you do so! If you enjoyed “Moving On” you will most definitely not be disappointed with this new release!

Upcoming Not Sorry shows:

Fri. Nov. 12th - Berkeley, CA
@ 924 Gilman
w/ Secret People, Cruel Hand, Backtrack, and Crucified

Sat. Nov. 13th - Fresno, CA
@ The Bell Tower Haus, 69 E. Belmont Ave.
w/ Secret People, Xibalba, and more

Sun. Nov. 14th - Pomona, CA
@ Casa Jimenez, 280 W 3rd St
w/ Secret People, Rotting Out, Soul Search, Knife Fight, and Sleepwalkers

Mon. Nov. 15th - Isla Vista, CA
@ BIKO House, 6612 Sueno Rd.
w/ Secret People

Tues. Nov. 16th - Portland, OR
@ A Basement, 5744 N. Moore Ave.
w/ Unrestrained(pdx) - NO Secret People

Last but not least, LifeLine Records and Not Sorry have both joined Facebook. Please add us, we plan to start posting LifeLine news and information from time to time, as well as news on bands and labels we like to support. You can give us some feedback and suggestions on there as well!

LifeLine Records (Facebook Page)

Not Sorry (Facebook Page)

Thank you for support and check back soon for pre-orders information, as well as announcements for more upcoming releases!


04-05-10  - A quick update regarding the two releases set to drop tonight (MODERN LIFE IS WAR 's/t' 7" and BOILING OVER 'Barriers' 7"): They will be up on the webstore tonight at 10pm (Central Time), so check back later tonight!


03-18-10  - Boiling Over, as mentioned in the last update, has decided to call it quits. This is what the band had to say about it:

"Boiling Over is breaking up. Joey cut his hair, Tyler added a new shirt to the rotation, TJ is moving up from cleaning old men's buttholes, and Pat hasn't been an art student for almost a year. As you can see, times are a changing. Fear not, we will continue to pursue musical endeavors. Tyler is doing time in RazorxFade, and both him and TJ can be seen in your favorite local straight edge vegan propaganda band, PoisonxPlanet. Joey is in a pop punk band called Boilerman, but they don't have mosh parts, so who cares. And I am sure you will see him and Grandpa Pat in future bands."

This upcoming weekend, Boiling Over will be playing Washington DC on March 20th and Buffalo, NY with Poison Planet, RazorxFade and more. Boiling Over's last show is April 1st in Chicago show with RxF, Mindset, and True Colors.

Boiling Over had recently recorded and EP titled "Barriers" that will be available as a limited cassette tape at the shows this upcoming weekend. "Barriers" will also be pressed as a very limited 7", as a one-time pressing of 150 copies, which will be available at the last show on April 1st in Chicago. If there are any copies of the Boiling Over "Barriers" 7" available after the show, they will be available on the LifeLine webstore on Monday, April 5th.

Another release that will be added to the webstore the same day (April 5th) is a limited version of the Modern Life Is War "s/t" 7". I have been sitting on a box of 100 gray vinyl copies of the MLIW "s/t" 7" for sometime now that was a mispress from the record pressing plant. Each gray MLIW 7" will have a limited transparency cover with the insert on red card stock, red dust sleeve and hand numbered out a 100.

On Saturday, April 10th in St. Louis Rob from Cardiac Arrest will be celebrating his 30th birthday with having The Abused (all original members!) from New York, Career Suicide, Madmen, Formaldehyde Junkies (reunion) and Cardiac Arrest. For tickets email

Thank you for the support and expect to see an update April 5th!


02-24-10  - How time flies! It has been 3 months since our last update! I swear we will get better at this someday.

First off the Not Sorry "Moving On" 7" has been out since the end of December and the record is doing very well. Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the 7"! As promised one person who pre-ordered the record would receive a test press, and the winner is Jason B. of Vancouver! The covers for the test presses have not been made yet, but it will be in the mail soon Jason. Thanks again for everyone's support!

If you are looking to pick up a shirt from Not Sorry please head over to and buy one directly from the band. I recommend you check out a video of Not Sorry from this past November by clicking here.

Sad to say Boiling Over has decided to make 2010 their last year as band. On the plus side the band is giving everyone heads up in advance they are calling quits so there will be a few more times to see them play before they are done. Boiling Over will be playing their final show in October with very few shows beforehand, but you still have time to catch this band before everyone is forced to say goodbye.

Back on a positive note, there are number of distro items up for sale in the Webstore! Take a browse through there are a lot of records at wholesale prices. Along with the webstore sales, for years we have fought with the inventory not working properly in our webstore. This problem has finally been fixed!!! No more disappointments and soon we will have a USED and RARE section added the webstore, keep your eyes peeled for that!

2010 is going to be a big year for LifeLine Records. In the next upcoming month we will be announcing our 2 new additions to the LifeLine roster!


11-12-09  - We are happy to announce we are now taking pre-orders on the Not Sorry "Moving On" 7" to be released December 8th. There will be 100 copies on Solid White vinyl and 500 copies on Transparent Red vinyl. One lucky person who pre-orders the 7" will copy of a test pressing at random as well! Each 7" will also include a digital download coupon. For overseas customers looking to pick up this record and save a bit on shipping, there will also be a European pressing released by Salad Days Records.

If you are not familiar with the band, Not Sorry is a straight edge band from Seattle, Washington. They formed a year ago as a group of friends with the intention of doing a band that encompassed all of the aspects that they love about hardcore. Influenced by the sound of the late 80’s Revelation bands along with contemporaries from the late 90's, their purpose is to play stripped down fast hardcore with lyrics that not only make kids want to sing along, but to think about the world around them and how they choose to treat others, human and animal alike.

Not Sorry will be playing Washington D.C. on November 20th, Pennsylvania on Nov. 21st and Syracuse on Nov. 22nd and the band will have copies of the 7" available for sale that weekend.

Thank you for your support!


09-30-09  - As recently stated there is a new addition to the LifeLine Records family, Not Sorry! One member of Not Sorry, John Twentyfive, has been a dear friend of mine since LifeLine Records release number one. John has continued to help with LifeLine Records from the start, so when I was informed John started a new band I was instantly intrigued. I can only hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Not Sorry is a straight edge band from Seattle, Washington. They formed a year ago as a group of friends with the intention of doing a band that encompassed all of the aspects that they love about hardcore. Influenced by the sound of the late 80’s Revelation bands along with contemporaries from the late 90's, their purpose is to play stripped down fast hardcore with lyrics that not only make kids want to sing along, but to think about the world around them and how they choose to treat others, human and animal alike. For more information on Not Sorry you can visit their blog as well as their MySpace page.

LifeLine Records will be releasing the Not Sorry "Moving On" 6 song 7" EP will be out in late November in the United States. If you live in Europe, this 7" is being released by Salad Days Records featuring a slightly different version of the EP. As for the LifeLine Records version of the EP, there will be 600 records for the first press (500 on transparent red and 100 on white vinyl). The record is already in the pressing plant and once the test presses have been approved the pre-orders will be launched, this should only take another week or two so check back soon for pre-orders!

Thank you for your support and check back soon for the Not Sorry 7" pre-orders!


09-22-09  - This is Hardcore was a month ago, but we wanted to thank everyone who bought a limited copy of The Suicide File "Live on WERS" 7" with the silkscreened cover. There were 35 of these 7"s sold for $15 each with ALL the proceeds going to a friend of ours who is battling cancer at the moment. Special thank you to Justin at Underground Comminque Records, who took the time to silkscreen the covers and even donated them to our friends cause as well! If you missed This is Hardcore and are a fan of The Suicide File you can watch a great quality set of theirs on Vimeo, click here.

Modern Life Is War "My Love. My Way" LP repress is going to take a bit longer than expected, so we would like to thank you in advance for your patience. As previously mentioned the record is being made from scratch once again, but with the same covers. The delay was with the artwork for the insert and side labels, but we are working on getting those fixed. More info to come soon!

Next week we will be announcing a new addition to the LifeLine Records family! This will be the bands first release but after hearing their demo we knew we had to do a record with this band. Hopefully you will be as impressed with the band as we are.

Check back next week!!!


08-10-09  - The second press of the Boiling Over “Trash City” 7”s on Green and Black swirl are now available in our webstore! The records arrived today and they look great! Just a reminder that all copies of the 7” come with a digital download coupon as well.

The Modern Life Is War “s/t” 7” on White vinyl is back in stock and up at the webstore also. The MLIW “Witness” LP’s on transparent Purple are being shipped out from the pressing plant in the next couple of days so they have been put back in the web store as well.

For anyone going to This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia please stop by and say hi. I will be sharing a table with Organized Crime Records. If you are into The Suicide File stop by their table, there will be a special version of the “Live on WERS” 7”s we will be selling with the proceeds going to help a friend ours in need.

Another reminder about 7 Seconds, we could really use your help! Next year is the 30th year anniversary for 7 Seconds, and I am helping them out with some upcoming projects. I am looking to get high resolution images, from any period in the band's long and diverse history:

-Old t-shirt designs that are no longer available
-Contacts for anyone that might have something of use

Please get in touch with whatever you are willing to submit. It can be high resolution images or physical items. At this moment in time I cannot disclose what this is going to be used for, but I promise you it will be put to good use!


07-28-09  - It’s been some time since our last update! First bit of news, the Boiling Over “Trash City” 7” is doing very well. The first press is now sold out on our end, if you would like to track down a copy of the first pressing, head over to Revhq or Vinyl Collective. Thank you to anyone that picked up the EP or was able to catch them while they were on tour. The Boiling Over “Trash City” 7” is currently being repressed on a new color (green and black swirl)!

Speaking of represses...the following is currently being repressed: Modern Life Is War “Witness” LP (still on transparent purple), MLIW “self-titled” 7” (still on solid white) and finally MLIW “My Love. My Way” LP (on two new colors!). If you are wondering why “My Love. My Way” is getting repressed on new colors... the pressing plant ended up destroying the plates without any notice, so now the vinyl has to be made from scratch again. The new pressing of this record will feature the same embossed covers from the first batch that LifeLine put out.

If you are a fan of 7 Seconds, we could really use your help! Next year is the 30th year anniversary for 7 Seconds, and I am helping them out with some upcoming projects. I am looking to get high resolution images, from any period in the band's long and diverse history:

-Old t-shirt designs that are no longer available
-Contacts for anyone that might have something of use

Please get in touch with whatever you are willing to submit. It can be high resolution images or physical items. At this moment in time I cannot disclose what this is going to be used for, but I promise you it will be put to good use!

The webstore is currently being updated with new titles and some discount prices as well!

Thanks for your support and check back soon, this time I promise there will be an update as soon as we have more vinyl in!


04-08-09  - Chicago's Boiling Over "Trash City" 7" is now up for pre-order in the LifeLine Online Store! Taking cues from bands like DYS and Negative Fx, the hardcore punk band is known for their manic live performances, believing their music should be as short, as fast and as obnoxious as possible, but still calling attention to the problems that exist in our society. Their dynamic form of music is used in 'Trash City', to bring back the activism and revolutionary ideals that is needed in modern hardcore punk.

The Boiling Over "Trash City" 7" will be released on April 28th and is available on 2 colors, 150 on blood red and 350 on clear vinyl, each 7" comes with a digital download coupon. If you haven't heard Boiling Over head over to their Myspace page by clicking here.

The Disnihil "Future Cancers" 7" is officially out and available direct from LifeLine Records as well as Revelation Records. The pressing plant made some of their own decisions on this release as far a discography...45 on pink vinyl (only available from the band), 125 on white vinyl (still available!) and 475 on transparent red. Each Disnihil 7" comes with a digital download coupon as well!

Some late news, but I am putting together 2 benefit shows the night before the Burning Fight shows here in Chicago. Unfortunately, they are practically sold out now, before I even had the chance to put this update together. Check the links below for ticket availability. The show details are as follow:

Both shows will be held at at:
2011 North Avenue
Chicago, IL

Friday, May 1st 2009 (Early Show)


Appearing with:
Hope Conspiracy
Poison Planet

6 PM - All Ages - $15.00 cover

Check ticket availability at Ticket Web

Friday, May 1st 2009 (Late Show)


Appearing with:
Wait In Vain
Boiling Over

10 PM - 17+ - $15.00 cover


As always, thank you for your continued support!


02-19-09  - The Disnihil “Future Cancers” 7”s are finally in!!! I apologize for the major delay, the art files for the labels where lost by the pressing plant! Every time I checked in on the order they stated everything was on course until mid-January they realized the files had been lost and the labels where not created.

The orders for this release are being packed up and will be sent out this week! There are still some copies of the limited White vinyl available, as well as the Red vinyl, in the Online Store. The 7" also comes with a free digital download coupon inside!

Here is the information on the Final Deathcycle Show in NY:

Saturday, February 28th 2009

Deathcycle (Final Show)

Appearing with:
The Communion
Out of Step

7 PM - $8.00 cover

Rockstar Bar
351 Kent Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

As previously announced, we recently added Chicago's Boiling Over to the LifeLine Records roster! Boiling Over's new 7", titled "Trash City", has been sent off to the pressing plant. We are not accepting pre-orders at this time, but we are expecting the test presses to show up in the next few days. Keep an eye out for another quick update with the pre-order information soon! Until then, head over to their MySpace page, which features a brand new song.

As always thank you for the support, hopefully those who would like to be at the final Deathcycle show can make it out. There may be a limited release for that show only! Check back here soon.


12-26-08  - Sad to say Deathcycle have decided to call it quits. LifeLine Records was fortunate to have released the "s/t" LP on vinyl as well as doing the second full length "Prelude to Tyranny" on CD and vinyl. While Deathcycle was never able to tour they where a breathe of fresh fair with their unique style of NYHC. Below is the statement from the band as to why they have decided to call it quits:

     After almost 6 years, we have mutually decided that we are all heading in different directions and the band cannot continue to create as we have. Some of us have changed, some of us have remained steadfast. I guess not so much "musical differences" as much as "directional differences". The important thing is that we have come forth and been honest with what we all want and expect from each other not just as a band, but as friends. Anyway, we leave off with records we can be proud of, and our friendships intact.
     Over 5 years ago, Ron and I started "Deathcycle A.D.". We dropped the "A.D." a few weeks after our demo came out in 2003. We started the band to explore darker sounds and darker subjects. We succeeded in releasing a 7", 3 splits (with The Spark, Solidarity Pact, and The Holy Mountain, respectively), and 2 LP's. I'm happy to say that we were as creative as we could be and that we progressed in sound with each release of the band. We got to play some really great shows with bands like Agnostic Front, Madball, The Holy Mountain, Disfear, Extreme Noise Terror, Skit System, Napalm Death..The list goes on.
     Aside from the success of releasing records we can be proud of, expressing different sides of our musical capabilities and ideas, and playing with our favorite bands, we developed lasting friendships with some really great people.
     We never got to do any kind of touring, unfortunately. But I am psyched we got to go to a few places outside NY and play for some people.
     I'd like to thank a few people on behalf of the band - Joe Lifeline, Andy 17CM, Rok Lok records, Will Chainsaw Safety, Nate Gloom, Mike Hill, General George, Matt VanCura, Mike D., Johnny Thought Crime, Jay Banks, Rick"Dick" Lopez, Brian Meehan, Tommy Corrigan, Ryan Patterson, Anthony Corrallo, ABCNORIO, anyone who booked us, played with us, put us up for the night, helped us load gear in, watched our merch, payed to see us, drove long distances to see us, snuck in to see us, lent us know who you are and the list would be way too long.
     There will be a last show in the next few upcoming months. Currently, we are working on a solid band line-up for the show. It's going to be all friends of ours. It's going to be a great time, and I hope to see lots more of our friends down there. Come down and help us go out with a bang.

And thanks again for all of your support.
Gary, Ron, Paul, and John

Check back soon for more updates as Deathycycle's last show comes together.


12-03-08  - Here we are with another huge update!

First off the Disnihil 'Future Cancers' 4-song 7" EP is now up for pre-order in the Webstore! This is the official release of this 7", since there was a limited tour edition of this 7" made for the band this past August. There will be 150 copies pressed on WHITE vinyl and 450 copies pressed on transparent RED vinyl. Anyone that pre-orders both colors of this record will be entered into a drawing to win a test press automatically! If you are fan of From Ashes Rise, Wolfbrigade, Tragedy, Victims or Disfear, you should definitely check this record out! For more information on this band, visit their Myspace page here.

Next up we would like to welcome Boiling Over from Chicago to the LifeLine Records family! Boiling Over formed in early 2008 drawing influences from DYS, Striking Distance and Negative FX. LifeLine Records will be releasing Boiling Over's first 7", titled 'Trash City', in early 2009. In the meantime check them out by clicking here.

Deathcycle's 'Prelude to Tyranny' LP/CD has been receiving great reviews!

From MRR # 307:

This one defied my expectations! I usually can't stand hardcore that has a metal influence, but once in a while a band comes along that does it just right. Imagine throwing in the heavy NYHC elements of bands like Madball and Sheer Terror with the political sensibilities of Discharge and His Hero Is Gone, and you can get an idea of what's going on here. Sonically, I've always loved the hard-hitting cords of East Coast hardcore, but I've always been turned off by so many of the bands and fans who have nothing in their heads. Not the case here! The lyrics are topical and compelling to the point where I read along to the entire album. The future looks bleak, and these words capture the sentiment perfectly. Definitely worth checking out. (BG)

From Beowolf Productions, November 2008

"PRELUDE TO TYRANNY" is the 2nd release from this New York City based Hardcore band. These guys are exactly what I love about Hardcore, gritty, aggressive, pissed off & right in your face. Their sound is reminiscent of old school hardcore bands from the 80's that were coming out of the east coast scenes. Their music adds in flares of Punk Rock & Metal all throughout. Their music is politically based on living in a post 9/11 world. There is a fast paced adrenaline filled anger shooting out of this band. This is the style of Punk/Hardcore I grew up on & I'm glad to see bands still doing it & doing it well. What would you expect from a band that features members of KILL YOUR IDOLS, SHEER TERROR, MADBALL, NONE MORE BALCK & NEGLECT!

Spanish Bombs have starting their own website to catch up some more updates from the band as well as pick up their recent 4-song demo that was just recorded this past summer. Check it out here.

The LifeLine Records Webstore is currently being revamped to iron out some glitches and add some new features. The new webstore will have a huge update with new distro items, as well as a Used/Rare section that will be updated frequently!

Check back soon as we will update the shipping status for the Disnihil pre-orders, announce the test press winner, begin taking the Boiling Over pre-orders, and information on more upcoming releases for 2009, which will include re-issuing some records that got me into hardcore music in the first place!

As always, we would like to thank you for your continued support.


09-02-08  - The vinyl for Deathcycle's "Prelude to Tyranny" is officially out! The pre-orders are starting to ship at this very moment and all orders will be in the mail by the end of the week. Thanks to everyone that caught their set at This Is Hardcore in Philly and everyone that stopped by the LifeLine Records table at the fest.

For a short time, while they last, we have some copies of the summer tour editions of Disnihil's brand new "Future Cancers" 7". This new 4 song EP is limited to 150 copies and is now available in our webstore. A huge "Thank you" to everyone who helped Disnihil with the tour, from setting up the show to making it to see them play in your area!

Even though Spanish Bombs was not able to join Disnihil on their summer tour, we also have some copies of the limited Spanish Bombs 12" that have silk screened covers, limited to 130 copies. The 12" features the self-titled EP (CD on Chunksaah Records) on Side A and the "Brown Bag Demo" on Side B.

Our next release will be the official version of Disnihil's "Future Cancers" 7" coming out later this year. More news on that coming soon, once the artwork and layout is completed!

Thanks again for stopping by and for your support!


07-22-08  - Pre-orders for the upcoming Deathcycle "Prelude to Tyranny" CD / LP are now available in the Webstore! Both formats will be dropping into our hands early August and we will be shipping them out as soon as they arrive. For the vinyl collectors, the LP is available on 2 different colors, 150 on Black/Blue/White swirl and 450 copies on transparent Orange.

For this release, for a limited time, we are offering a package deal that contains the new album and a t-shirt, all at a specially discounted price. The shirt features the cover art of "Prelude to Tyranny" on the front and the LifeLine Records logo on the left sleeve. There are three bundles available:

- CD / t-shirt bundle for $15
- LP / t-shirt bundle for $17
- 2 LP’s (both color vinyl versions) / t-shirt for $26

Note: these prices are only with the pre-order package.

In tour news, both Disnihil and Spanish Bombs are hitting the road together starting August 13th on the East Coast going through the Midwest and heading back East for roughly 8 shows. Both bands will have a limited pre-release version of their upcoming LifeLine Record releases: Disnihil "Future Cancers" 7" and Spanish Bombs 12" (featuring the "self-titled" CDEP on Side A and the "Brown Bag Demo" on Side B), so be sure to catch the two bands if they are coming through your town! The official tour dates will be posted soon!

Last but not least, check out the Webstore for a ton of great new releases, as well as recently marked down Modern Life Is War t-shirts from their final tour and last show.

Thank you once again for your support!


07-03-08  - Starting off this long overdue update… the new Deathcycle full length "Prelude to Tyranny" is almost complete! The CD is being manufactured at this very moment and the vinyl has just been sent off to get plated. The next website update will include the pre-order information for both the CD and vinyl versions. This record is taken longer than expected, but you’ll see that it is worth the wait. To hear some new Deathcycle songs check out their MySpace page here.

Also, Deathcycle has also just been added to the band lineup for This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia, scheduled for late August.

We would also like to extend a long overdue ‘Thank You’ to everyone that attended (and traveled) the final Modern Life Is War show. For those who where there or heard about it, the stage could obviously have been built better, but it makes for a great story that it collapsed during the first song of their set. This band will truly be missed, but keep your fingers crossed and maybe we will be lucky enough to see the members continue onto other bands.

For those who would like to get a Modern Life Is War shirt from their final tour or from their last show, we have the remaining stock of merch (in limited quantities and sizes) available in our webstore.

The entire run of Modern Life Is War’s "My Love. My Way" vinyl is currently sold out. There were some issues at the pressing plant that manufactured this record, but details have finally been ironed out and a repress will be done soon.

Now for some other good news!

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing Disnihil "Future Cancers" 7" later this year. Disnihil's first CDEP was released by our friends at Chainsaw Safety Records and the vinyl version is available from Chronic Death Records (both are available in our webstore). Disnihil plans to go on a weeklong tour extending out to the Midwest in August. Check back here soon for more information on the upcoming 7" and tour dates. In the meantime, you can hear one of the new Disnihil songs on their MySpace page here.

Some of you may have noticed that the Spanish Bombs recently played a show in New Jersey and scheduled to play Sound and Fury this summer as well. The band is officially back together and writing new material. The band has put together a MySpace page that can be found here.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and for your continued support!


03-29-08  - Quick update as the Modern Life Is War Final U.S. Tour starts. Online sales for tickets for the last Modern Life Is War show in Marshalltown have stopped, as we are sold out of our allotment. The show is NOT SOLD OUT, as tickets are still available at Sub City in Marshalltown and Mohair Pear in Cedar Falls, Iowa. There will be an update one week before the show to let people know if there will be tickets available at the door.

I am heading out with Modern Life Is War for this tour from Chicago (3/30) to Baltimore (4/8), so if you are planning on being at any of these shows, be sure to say hello.

Keep checking back for more updates on the new Deathcycle LP/CD and announcements regarding upcoming releases scheduled for this spring/summer!


03-05-08  - Deathcycle has just finished mixing the 11 new songs that will comprise their new full-length, "Prelude To Tryanny". This record is definitely heavier and harder than their "self-titled" release, and is sure to make your jaw drop. The record has been sent off for mastering and the artwork is still in progress. Check back here soon for the final cover artwork and a new song to be posted in the 'Downloads' page. When Deathcycle artwork is concerned, you know the cover art will not be for the conservative-minded.

Modern Life Is War is playing their final show on April 26th, 2008 in Marshalltown, Iowa. Tickets are available online only through LifeLine Records. If you live in Marshalltown or Cedar Falls area in Iowa, you can purchase tickets at the two locations listed below.
Click here to purchase tickets.

The final Modern Life Is War tour is shaping up nicely and most of the dates have been confirmed. Check out their myspace for the most recent updates on the tour.

This is the current information on the tour:
28 Milwaukee, WI
29 Madison, WI...Madison Fest W/ The Repos and many more
30 Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen W/ The First Step, No Risk No Reward and more
31 Detroit, MI @ Refuge Skateshop W/ Smear Campaign, Down Like The Rest

1 Bath, NY @ Murphy Lanes W/ Heavy Hearted, Sakes Alive, The Red Death
2 Syracuse, NY @ Westcott CC
3 Philly, PA @ First Unitarian Church W/ Disnihl, Braindead
4 Boston, MA @ ICC W/ Clouds, Disnihl, Wasteland
6 NYC @ Knitting Factory...Death/Traitors Presents: Pregnant, Black Anvil, Celebrity Murders
7 Netcong, NJ @ Knights of Columbus W/ Envision, Dead Tired, The Banner
8 Balitmore, MD @ Ottobar W/ Ruiner, Deep Sleep, Bad Habit
9 Richmond, VA @ Canal Club W/ This Time it's War, Mouthbreather, Attain
10 Jacksonville, FL @ Fuel Coffeehouse w/ Kids Like Us, Anchors Away, Ratpack
11 Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lou's W/ Can't Stand It, Arm the Poor, Drop Out, Change of Ideas
12 Atlanta, GA @ The Treehouse
13 Jackson, MS @ The Ink Spot Gallery W/ Wig Split
14 Memphis, TN @ The Rally Point W/ Nights Like These, Karma Elektra
15 Louisville, KY
16 Indianapolis, IN @ Harrison Center W/ In The Face of War
17 North Pekin, IL @ Planet X Rollerworld W/ Trash Talk, Desperation
18 St. Louis, MO @
19 Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews W/ Hercules, Tyborn Jig, Sioux City Pete and the Beggars
20 Cedar Falls, IA @ The Reverb W/ Grave Digging Shovels, Beat Strings, Sioux City Pete and the Beggars
21 Waterloo, IA @ Amvets Post 19 W/ Quick Fix, Sioux City Pete and the Beggars, Brooks Strause
22 Iowa City, IA @ Picador W/ Brooks Strause, Sioux City Pete and the Beggars, Plague City
23 Sioux Falls, SD @ Nutty's W/ Sioux City Pete and the Beggars, The Blinding Light
24 Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium W/ Sioux City Pete and the Beggars, One Step For Landmines
25 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock W/ Holding On, Pandemonium, Sioux City Pete and the Beggars

April 26th, 2008 Marshalltown, IA @ Moose Lodge 1516 E. Olive St. w/ Holding On, Old Scratch Revival Singers, Desperation, Quick Fix
Click here to purchase tickets.

For the residents in Marshalltown and Cedar Falls you can purchase physical tickets from these locations as well:

Sub City
8 East Main Street
Marshalltown, IA

Mohair Pear
2209 College St.
Cedar Falls, IA

Huge thank you to Sub City and Mohiar Pear for supporting local music! Please help support independent businesses.


02-20-08  - Sad to news to report… the boys from Marshalltown are calling it quits. Modern Life Is War is has been together for 6 years and has been one of the most hard working hardcore bands around. Literally from the corn fields of Iowa, they have toured the United States and Europe extensively and even toured Japan. This band will be greatly missed, but before they are gone for good, they are doing one last tour through the United States.

LifeLine Records has been with Modern Life Is War early on in their existence and have become great friends over the years. For me, Modern Life Is War will always have a place in my heart… as well as on my hand. I have over a one inch scar on the top of my right hand from singing along with Modern Life Is War in a basement over 4 years ago. Modern Life Is War will truly be missed.

Here is the statement from the band, in regards to breaking up:

Modern Life Is War will be doing one final tour from March 29th to April 26th. Our last show ever will be April 26th in Marshalltown, Iowa. There is no disaster or dramatic situation behind the break-up. All past and current members of the band are still good friends and there is no bad blood. We just feel like it's the right time and would rather end things on our own terms than let our band become a ghost of what it was in the beginning or to be ripped apart by outside forces.

Our first show was on April 20th, 2002 in Tyler's parents’ basement. This makes our run as a band almost exactly six years. We want to send a huge thank you out to everyone who supported this band through thick and thin because you care about us as individuals, our music, our message or what we stand for as a band. We also want to thank all the people in the DIY/underground hardcore and punk scenes all over the country and world who work really hard and sacrifice a lot for little to no recognition or money because they love the music and message. I am really proud of all that we have accomplished but know that without the support of that community we would have never had a chance to tour and put out records for so many years. I don't want to get sentimental and there is no short way of wrapping up all my feelings about this band and these last six years. Above all...I hope we have made some people feel less alone and motivated them to think for themselves, be themselves and take action. Punk rock changed our lives. I hope we contributed something to keep the whole thing going. We are leaving soon...but The future is start writing it. Tour dates will be posted soon. Come sweat and scream and say goodbye to Modern life Is War.

Modern Life Is War


12-21-07  - It has been 2 months since the last update, but we’ve been busy planning our releases for the upcoming year. With that being said, we have a number of announcements!

First off we are very proud to announce that we will be releasing the CD/LP for Deathcycle's second full length record, titled "Prelude to Tyranny". The band is just wrapping up the recording in the studio with General George at General Studios in Douglaston, New York. The record will have 11 songs in all, and the 5 songs that we heard so far are incredible! No release date has been set, but look for it to be released early 2008. For other news about the recording process and Deathcycle show schedule, you can check out their MySpace page, which is updated regularly.

Second, LifeLine Records is also happy to announce that we are now part of the Revelation Records Exclusive catalog. Revelation Records is now the exclusive worldwide distributor for all of our releases! We have been working with them since the release of Modern Life Is War’s "Midnight In America" and they are truly doing a great job!

Speaking of Modern Life Is War, the "Midnight In America" LP has just been repressed and is now available in our webstore, as well as from Revelation Records. The second is press is 1,000 copies on transparent blue vinyl.

Right now I'd like to take a quick moment to point out a fanzine titled Listen Up. Mickey Nolan, who is a great friend of ours, has just released issue #2 of this is a very unique fanzine. The interviews are conducted by Mickey sitting down with one person and while playing 5 songs at random from his iPod. The zine is reprints the conversations that ensue from the songs that are randomly played, leading to discussions how certain songs and types of music have influenced the subject’s life and lead them to the path they are on. Both issues are available in the webstore or go to

One final note: Thanks to everyone that was able to attend Jim Grimes 35th birthday show in Chicago this past Saturday. The Suicide File was able to raise a good amount of money for one of their dear co-workers going through a very difficult struggle in their life.

As always, thank you for your continued support and have a safe and happy holidays! Check back in the new year for more updates on Deathcycle's "Prelude to Tyranny".


10-08-07  - Some time has gone by since the last update, and we apologize for the long delay. Thank you very much to everyone that ordered the new MODERN LIFE IS WAR LP, the response has been tremendous! All copies of the MODERN LIFE IS WAR "Midnight In America" LP's are in the mail, so if you have not received your copy yet it should be arriving shortly. We apologize for the delay in shipping the records. The vinyl showed up two weeks later than expected and then I severely sprained my ankle, which slowed down the mail order process as well.

The good news...we do have a few more copies of Midnight In America on red vinyl, however the whole first pressing is close to being sold out, so get in your orders before they are gone. Also, as we slowly get organized over here, keep checking the webstore as we will be adding a lot more releases from a ton of great bands and labels. There are already a number of new releases in stock already on the webstore and with a lot more on the way!

As many of you may have noticed, we’ve fallen a bit behind with keeping the Discography page updated, but our web guy is reportedly working on getting it up to speed (when he isn’t bidding on rare records and Japanese toys on ebay…). Check back in the next week or so for the complete pressing information on all of our releases.

Last, but certainly not least, look for another news update soon, when we will be revealing two very big announcements which we are very excited about! Until then, we wanted to thank you for all of your patience and for your continued support!


08-26-07  - A quick update... The vinyl release of Modern Life Is War’s newest LP, 'Midnight in America', has hit a slight delay but will arrive later this week. We will begin shipping out pre-orders by the end of the week, so expect them in your mailboxes soon. Thank you for the tremendous response to the pre-orders. The red vinyl is completely sold out, and we have only a handful of the gray vinyl left. With the depleted amounts of color vinyl, the package deals are no longer available for this release.

In other MLIW news, they will be playing with the Explosion on August 31st and September 1st. These two dates will the Explosion’s final shows ever, so be sure to make it out if you are in the area. MLIW's full US tour in support of 'Midnight in America' will begin in September, so check back here for full listing of tour dates once they have been confirmed.

More updates and news on upcoming releases will be posted when we recieve and ship out the LP's later this week. Thank you for all of your patience and support!


07-30-07  - "Midnight In America" LP pre-orders are up now!   Marshalltown's Modern Life Is War third full length LP, "Midnight In America", is now available for pre-order in the store!. This band has always been able to produce hardcore records in their own unique style and this album is no different. 11 new songs produced by J. Robbins (Against Me, The Promise Ring, Texas Is The Reason, None More Black). Midnight in America is filled to the brim with contagiously head-nodding, fist-pumping tracks that are bound to force even the most cynical to pay attention.

Modern Life Is War "Midnight In America" LP will include a gatefold cover with metallic ink printing on the cover. Three colors will be available for this release (300 on Red vinyl, 300 on Gray vinyl and 1100 on Black/White swirl vinyl). The records are scheduled to begin shipping on August 16th.

NOTE: For anyone that wanted all three colors of the vinyl, we are offering a 3 LP package deal (all three colors) at a discounted price. Be sure to select the "Package Deal" in the webstore to get the discount.

The CD version will be released by Equal Vision Records, and our good friends at Reflections Records will once again be handling the vinyl for Europe. Pre-orders for these versions are also available on their respective websites.

If you are attending This Is Hardcore 2007 in Philadelphia, please stop by and say "Hello". LifeLine Records will have a table set up next to our good friends at Organized Crime Records. We might even have some limited records available at this fest!

Last but not least, we wanted to extend a huge thank you to Darius Qojak for all of his hard work on doing an incredible job with the artwork and layout for the "Midnight In America". If you have a moment you should check out his website at


06-04-07  - Quick update: The Modern Life Is War "My Love. My Way" LP pre-orders are finally being packed up to ship at this very moment. We apologize for the delays, but there were production problems with this release that we discovered after we recieved them and packed many of them up. The sleeves for the records were not glued properly and many of them were seperating. Every single order had to be double checked... We didn't want to send out any defective records so we had to go back check every record that was packed up, as well as all of the records that we are currently packing. Luckily not all the covers are defective so we are not stuck waiting for the printer to send us a new batch of covers! We thank you all for your patience and hope that everything will be shipped out to you in the next few days.

For all you collectors out there, the color vinyl counts came out as 300 on white/yellow swirl and 1200 on black/gold swirl. The discography will be updated very soon and will include information on the ultra rare limited Modern Life Is War 7" that was raffled off to some lucky winners!

The Kill Your Idols "Something Started Here" CD pre-orders will be sent out in the next few days as well. There is still plenty copies of the live bonus CD that includes a live radio set on "Crucial Chaos" WNYU and an alternate version of "Salmon Swim Upstream" that is different from the version on the "Salmon Swim Upstream" 7" just recently put out on Viscious Circle Records.

Now, for a bit of good news...Modern Life Is War just recorded their next full length record during the month of April. As a little sneak preview LifeLine Records will be pressing a limited one time run of 2 new songs from the forth coming LP. This will be a 2-song 7" limited to only 500 copies! The next update will include pre-orders for this limited 7". If you are curious to hear what Modern Life Is War has written this time around, this will be your chance! The new record sounds amazing, once again they have written a new and original sounding hardcore album.


05-06-07  - We recieved confirmation that the KILL YOUR IDOLS 'Something Started Here' CD's and the MODERN LIFE IS WAR 'My Love. My Way' LP's are both being shipped from the pressing plants to us here at LifeLine Records as we speak. With the recieving, sorting, and packing of the orders (as well as our weekend trip to the East Coast for the final KYI shows), we expect to get all of these pre-orders shipped out within the next two weeks.

Since we are in the final production stages before these two releases are finally available, we are now ending the sale of raffle tickets for the ultra-limited MODERN LIFE IS WAR 's/t' 7". Thank you to everyone that particpated in the raffle and the prizes will be shipped with the 'My Love. My Way' LP pre-orders. Good Luck!


04-13-07  - We’re excited to announce that we are now taking pre-orders on ANOTHER new release! Just in time for before they call it quits, LifeLine Records is releasing the KILL YOUR IDOLS ‘Something Started Here’ CD, which will be out in time for their last shows in May. This CD, featuring a hefty 38 tracks, will be a compilation of their rare and out of print songs they have recorded over the years, taken from various split 7” ’s and comps.

As an extra bonus, the first 150 pre-orders purchased through our webstore will include a bonus limited edition ‘Live’ CD, which has 13 live tracks and an alternate studio version for the song ‘Salmon Swim Upstream’. Also, just for fun, we will include copies of all the different flyers that KILL YOUR IDOLS made for their final shows in New York. Get your orders in now by clicking here!

The vinyl version of this release is available for pre-order as a limited five 7" box set from Get Outta Town Records. Words cannot express how happy we are to be releasing another record for KILL YOUR IDOLS before their demise.

Just a reminder, we are still taking pre-orders for MODERN LIFE IS WAR's ‘My Love. My Way’ LP. The limited color vinyl version is just about sold out, but you can still pre-order the regular vinyl version and be eligible to enter the raffle for a copy of the MODERN LIFE IS WAR ‘s/t’ 7" on white/black swirl vinyl, limited to only 50 copies. Again, this limited 7" will not be offered for sale, so the only way to get this version is by winning it through the raffle.

Both the KILL YOUR IDOLS ‘Something Started Here’ CD and the MODERN LIFE IS WAR ‘My Love. My Way’ LP will be shipping the 2nd week of May.

In other release news, we are now completely sold out of the MODERN LIFE IS WAR's ‘Witness’ LP on purple vinyl. If you are looking to get a copy of this version, the band may still have copies available on their US tour with Death Before Dishonor, which run from April 28th thru May 19th. Deathwish Inc. will also have copies of ‘Witness’ on purple vinyl on their webstore very soon as well. Theses are your last 2 chances to get it on purple vinyl with the gatefold cover.


03-23-07 - We are now taking pre-orders for the re-issue of Modern Life Is War’s “My Love, My Way” LP! Head on over to our webstore and get your copy of this amazing release! Originally released by Martyr Records, this has been out of print on vinyl for years. Now, Modern Life Is War’s first full length LP will be back in print on vinyl, this time with an embossed cover and printed inner sleeve! For the pre-orders there will be two colors available: 300 on gold/black swirl for pre-orders, and a solid yellow/white swirl. The limited gold and black swirl vinyl will all be available on a first come, first served basis.

As an extra bonus, if you pre-order the “My Love, My Way” LP through our webstore, you will be eligible to purchase some raffle tickets. The raffle tickets are $1.00 each, and it is your choice as to how many raffle tickets you would like to buy. To be entered into the raffle, go to our webstore and select the option to pre-order the “My Love, My Way” LP with however many raffle tickets you’d like to buy. The more you buy, the greater your chances are.


We will be raffling off 40 copies of a special version of the Modern Life Is War 7”, pressed on white/black swirl vinyl with a limited sleeve. This version of the 7” is limited to only 50 copies total (the rarest version of this release), and will not be offered for sale, so the only way to get this version is through the raffle.

[Note: This offer will end at the discretion of LifeLine Records. Winners will be selected and prizes sent out when the Modern Life Is War “My Love, My Way” LP pre-orders are ready to be shipped out. Odds of winning will be based on total number of raffle tickets sold. There is no cash value for the prizes, and no substitutions will be given.]

Also, we will also be announcing an amazing new project from one of our favorite bands next week that we are currently putting the finishing touches on! Check back here next week for more information on this unannounced release, as well as ordering information. As always, we would to thank you for your continued support!


02-09-07 - Modern Life Is War has just signed to Equal Vision Records for the release of their next album, which they are currently working on. The album is set to be recorded in April at the Magpie Cage in Baltimore with J. Robbins. LifeLine Records is proud to announce that we will again be doing the vinyl for the new album. Also we want to wish our friend Chris Honeck, the former bass player of Modern Life Is War, the best of luck to his future endeavors. Tim Churchman of Spanish Bombs has now joined up with Modern Life Is War taking over the bass guitar.

The re-issue of Modern Life Is War's "My Love, My Way" vinyl LP is being sent off to the pressing plan next week. Keep an eye on out for that, we will be taking pre-orders very soon! Modern Life Is War is about to hit the road once again in the Midwest for a short tour with The Geeks and Ambitions. Here are the tour dates:

2/18 - Kansas City, MO @ The Anchor
2/19 - St. Louis, MO @ Lemp Arts Center
2/20 - Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
2/21 - Indianapolis, IN @ The Underground
2/22 - Dayton, OH @ The Water Front
2/23 - Mt. Clemens, MI @ Hayloft Liquor Stand
2/24 - Beloit, WI @ Beloit University

In other Lifeline news, the Spanish Bombs 12" will be released after Modern Life Is War "My Love, My Way" is out. We are trying to get both of these releases out as soon as possible! The Deathcycle "s/t" LP on the limited red/black splattered vinyl is now sold out as well as The Suicide File "Live on WERS" 7". The Suicide File 7" will not be repressed, that was a one time run of 1,000 copies.

As always thank you for checking in and your continued support! Be sure to check out our webstore, as new items are being added all the time, especially vinyl.


11-02-06 - Hey everyone, thanks for checking in! We are sorry for taking so long with updating the site. It's been a long time since the last update, but we have a lot of stuff in the works, so here we go with the latest news...

First off, we're happy to announce the launching of the LifeLine Records Webstore. In celebration of this I have added a few LifeLine releases that haven't been available in some time, like the MLIW / KYI split 7" on PINK vinyl, The Suicide File 7" on RED vinyl, Japanese versions of both Modern Life Is War CD's that include bonus tracks, Modern Life Is War silk screened posters and a lot more, so take a look around. Some of these releases have a very limited quantity so move quick!

Currently the Modern Life Is War "Witness" LP is being repressed, so we are now taking preorders for this release. The 3rd pressing of "Witness" will be on transparent Purple vinyl. Also, the LifeLine Records pressing of the Modern Life Is War "My Love, My Way" LP is almost finalized and will be sent off to the pressing plant very soon. No pre-orders on "My Love, My Way" LP just yet. The next update we will start taking pre-orders for "My Love, My Way".

The Spanish Bombs have just released their debut 6-song CD EP on Chunksaah Records. We highly recommend you check out this great release! We will have some available soon in the webstore, but for now you can buy it at Later this year. LifeLine Records will be releasing these songs as a one-sided 12" with plans for some amazing packaging! Please keep an eye out for that. Also, if you don't own a copy of the Spanish Bombs "brown bag" demo we have some in the webstore if you won't be able to see them on their upcoming tour.

In regards to the Cardiac Arrest CD, we are doing all that we can to get all the planned releases out as soon as possible. First it will be Modern Life Is War "My Love, My Way" LP, then the Spanish Bombs one-sided 12", and then the Cardiac Arrest CD that will contain everything has been recorded.

Here are the Tour dates for Modern Life Is War and for Spanish Bombs:

Modern Life Is War:
11/2: Harrisonburg, VA @ Guzmans w/ Converge, Some Girls, Gospel
11/3: Wilmington, NC @ Soapbox Laundro - Lounge w/ Converge, Some Girls, Gospel
11/4: Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern w/ Converge, Some Girls, Converge
11/5: Jacksonville, FL @ Thee Imperial w/ Converge, Some Girls, Gospel
11/6: West Palm Beach, FL @ Respectable Street w/ Converge, Some Girls, Gospel
11/7: Orlando, FL @ Backbooth w/ Converge, Some Girls
11/8: Talahassee, FL @ Beta Bar w/ Converge, Some Girls, Gospel
11/9: Birmingham, AL @ Cave 9 w/ Converge, Some Girls, Kylesa
11/10: Metairie, LA @ The High Ground w/ Converge, Some Girls, Kylesa
11/11: Houston, TX @ Meridian Red Room w/ Converge, Some Girls, Kylesa
11/12: San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit w/ Converge, Some Girls, Kylesa
11/13: Austin, TX @ Emo’s w/ Converge, Some Girls, Kylesa
11/14: Jackson, MS @ WC Don’s (Off day of Converge tour)
11/15: Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade w/ Converge, Some Girls, Kylesa
11/16: Nashville, TN @ The Anchor w/ Converge, Some Girls, Kylesa
11/17: Louisville, KY @ Headliners Music Hall w/ Converge, Some Girls, Kylesa
11/18: Mt. Clemens, MI @ Hayloft Liquor Stand w/ Converge, Some Girls, Kylesa
11/19: Syracuse, NY @ The Furnace w/ Converge, Some Girls, Kylesa
11/20: Albany, NY @ Valentine’s w/ Converge, Some Girls, Kylesa
11/21: New London, CT @ El N Gee w/ Converge, Some Girls, Blacklisted
11/24: South Hackensack, NJ @ School of Rock w/ Converge, Some Girls, Blacklisted
11/25: Baltimore, MD @ Otto Bar w/ Converge, Some Girls, Blacklisted
11/26: Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance w/ Converge, Some Girls, Blacklisted
11/27: Buffalo, NY @ Showplace Theatre w/ Converge, Some Girls, Blacklisted
11/28: Cleveland, OH @ Peabodys w/ Converge, Some Girls, Blacklisted
11/30: Philadelphia, PA @ The Starlite Ballroom w/ Converge, Some Girls, Blacklisted
12/1: NYC, NY @ Knitting Factory w/ Converge, Some Girls, Blacklisted
12/2: Levittown, NY @ Ritual w/ Converge, Some Girls, Blacklisted
12/3: Revere, MA @ Club Lido w/ Converge, Some Girls, Blacklisted
12/5: Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA w/ Spanish Bombs

Spanish Bombs (if you can help with any dates please get in touch with
11/03: Brooklyn @ 248 Johnson St. w/FUCKED UP, permanent, pulling teeth
11/04: NJ - FTD LAST SHOW. w/Kill YA Idols @ Toms River Log Cabin
11/05: Richmond, VA w/permanent, dustheads
11/07: going to see MLIW in Orlando, FL
11/09: Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Uncle Sam's Music w/ Die Young
11/11: Atlanta, GA - at zach's house
11/12: Birmingham, AL @ cave 9
11/14: San Antonio, TX w/ lie and wait, dance of days @ midtown pizza
11/15: austin,TX - w/Tolar @ Red 7
11/16: Dallas, TX @ red blood club w/ricin
11/17: Albuquerque, NM- @ winning coffee house w/west 44
11/18: San Diego, CAor AZ - @ Segio's House
11/19: Tijuana, Mexico - house show -
11/20: SOCAL NEED SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/21: SOCAL NEED SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/22: Los Angeles, CA - w/ xwing & fatality
11/24: Selina, CA -
11/25: Sacramento, CA -
11/26: PORTLAND - NEED SHOW!!!!!!!!!
11/27: Vancouver, Canada - house show
11/28: Seattle, WA - house shows in seattle & olympia
11/29: Boise, ID - NEED SHOW !!!!!!!!
11/30: Denver, CO - Sox Place 2017 Lawrence St
12/01: Nebraska -
12/02: Cedar Falls, IA - the switch house
12/03: Chicago, IL - w/ Cross Examination
12/04: Dayton, OH -
12/05: Pittsburgh, PA - w/mliw & some girls
12/06: Harrisburg, PA - NEED SHOW !!!!!!!!
12/07: Blacksburg, VA-
12/08: VA beach

That's all for now, and as always we thank you for your continued support.


08-25-06 - Just a quick update: All pre-orders for the Suicide File 'Live On WERS' 7" have been sent out.  If you haven't received it yet, you should be getting them shortly.  We will also be able to give you more news about some of the upcoming releases with our next update.  News that many of you are gonna love!

We are also in the process of finishing up our new "on-line" store, which will not only have our LifeLine Records releases, but a ton of great records and CD's from various other labels.  Check back here soon!

In other news, I will be out of town for the next two weeks, traveling to Europe and the East Coast.  Any orders sent submitted during that time will be processed as soon as I get back home.  We thank you in advance for your patience and continued support.


06-28-06 - All the pre-orders for the Deathcycle LP and final pressing of Modern Life Is War/Kill Your Idols 'Live on WLUW' 7” on orange vinyl have been shipped, so you should be receiving yours copies soon! The Deathcycle LP has already received some great reviews. Here is a review from Vice Magazine:

”13 bleak and churning political death-dirges played by NYHC veterans that have been lurking under the belly of the punk scene since the late 80s; a welcome fist in the ass for every team of puberty-pop band ambassadors in hardcore bands' clothing. The guitar sound is borrowed partly from early Celtic Frost and partly from what sounds like having shoved it down the vocalist's throat until he vomits, and the overall aesthitic is filthy Nausea-style crust stirred into the grim low-end of bile of Sheer Terror. Sick music for sketchy people.” by the Time Commander

Now up for pre-order is The Suicide File 'Live on WERS' 7”. This 7” is a one time pressing of a 1,000 copies. There will be 300 copies on red vinyl only available from The Suicide File while they are on tour in Europe starting July 14th. The other 700 copies will be a black and white swirl. Please do not ask for red copies of the 7”, they will all be sold in Europe. Go to the 'Releases' page to order the record.

The Suicide File “Live on WERS” 7” was a project put together very quickly. So I would like to take a moment to thank everyone that helped make this possible. Dave Mandel, as this record is under license from Indecision Records, Matt from Nasty Habits Radio Show (WERS), Johan Prenger/Reflections Records, John Regan/Destroy Designs (, Todd Pollock for the pictures, Sarah Plante, Frank Baird, Adam Bender, Aaron Trites, Lisa Hrichinson and anyone else that got in touch about submitting pictures and flyers!

That's all for now, but we have a lot more news coming in the months ahead, so keep checking here for more details!